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Car Theory Exam Zwolle

You have to do the theory exam at the CBR. This is the only organization in the Netherlands that handles the theory exam (and the practical exam). The theory exam should not be underestimated, only 42% of Dutch students pass their theory exam. With English theory exams the passing rate is even lower, especially if English is not your first language. Study well and use our course to be sure that you are ready!

How to book a theory exam in Zwolle?

Recently the CBR asks theory centers to get an authorization from their students, since this is very time consuming we have decided not to book theory exams at this time. We recommend booking the theory exam and then booking the car theory course close before it. You can book a theory exam yourself using the CBR website:

The address for the theory exam in Zwolle is:

Branderweg 15
8042 PD

How to study for the theory exam?

We will get you ready for the theory exam by offering a course for 99 euro. You can enroll yourself in one of our locations by following this link:

In addition to our 1 day course you can also use theory books at and study online test using

Good to know:

It is not possible to book your theory exam when:

  • You already booked a theory exam (it is not possible to have 2 exams at the same time.)
  • When you are already registered with¬†another driving school.
  • When you had your theory exam today.

Waiting time

The waiting time for the theory exam may vary, for an up-to-date waiting time you can have a look at this page from the CBR (the page is in Dutch, but the waiting time is the same):

More questions?

Do you have more questions about the theory exam, learning material or other matters? Do not hesitate to contact us by Whatsapp or phone at 0626044677 or email

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