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  • Does the course include the exam?

    No, this is only a 7 hour-crash course on CBR theory.

  • Can I take the exam the same day/after the course?

    No, the exam is not included and should be planned by yourself at the CBR website.

  • Where can I take the CBR exam?

    Any CBR location which you can check on their website and mostly on the weekdays.

  • Do you do the exam bookings?

    Yes, with an additional booking fee it is possible but an early date is not guaranteed.

  • Where can I book the exam myself?

    You can book your exam via by logging in with your DigiD.

  • Do you provide any course materials?

    No, this needs to be provided separately and you can order the book an online exam here:

  • Where can I study for the theory?

    It is important for the students to study from the theory book. The English Theory book can be provided at

  • How can I practice for the theory exam?

    You can practice via our online portal

  • How long do I have to study before coming to the class?

    An intensive 2 weeks will be enough to cover each and every part of the CBR theory but this also can change for each student.

  • Is the course 100% guaranteed?

    Our classes are designed to prepare the students for the exams and help them understand the CBR theory together with the exam style. We can only guarantee 100% pass rate with our courses if the students have studied and practiced the theory well.

  • How can I register for the course?

    You can enroll via our website where you can also complete your payment.

  • In what language are the classes thought?

    Our classes are in English.