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Car Theory Course
(Driver’s License B)

Theory Course for Car

Practice the theory of driving a car, with this one-day theory course and pass for your theory certificate. This certificate is necessary to obtain your Dutch driver’s license for the car.

We offer the theory courses on a weekly basis, you have to book your theory exam yourself with the CBR: Book Theory Exam. A one-day course at . Theory House ensures that you quickly pass your CBR theory exam in Amsterdam, The Hague (Den Haag), Eindhoven, Utrecht, Breda or Groningen.

Motorcycle Theory Course
(Driver’s License B)

Theory Course for Motorcycle

Theory House is the proud developer of the only English motorcycle theory course in the Netherlands. Unfortunately the CBR doesn’t offer an English CBR exam to pass the motorcycle theory, which is necessary to obtain your Dutch driver’s license for the motorcycle. Theory House wants to help you! Not only do we spend a whole day to teach you the Dutch traffic regulations, we also arrange an individual exam with an interpreter the next day. Which means that you obtain your motorcycle theory within only two days!

Driving lessons Manual and Automatic car

Driving lessons Manual and Automatic car (Driver’s License B)

Our driving school in Amsterdam offers the best driving lessons in particular for expats and foreigners who are a resident in the Netherlands. You can combine your theory course with high quality driving lessons to obtain your driver’s license quickly. We have qualified English speaking driving instructors who are also specialized fear of failure and if necessary (in case of trauma’s) hypnotherapy. We have the highest passing rate of Amsterdam and we are proud of it. You can start with an (non-commital) intake lesson to see if you are comfortable with the car and your instructor.

Car Theory Courses:

Excellent track record of happy students that took the course
Effective interactive theory course
Room for questions
Book the theory exam the next day
High passing rate

One-Day Course BHV Amsterdam

BHV course Amsterdam

Obtain your BHV-certificate fast and easy at in Amsterdam. BHV stands for Bedrijfshulpverlening and means to give first aid in a company environment from a appointed safety person. An employer is obligated to educate a emergency response co-worker to prevent severe injury or physical damage to employees from happening.

Latest reviews:

“Excellent training and very knowledgeable trainer Ms Shrutee. Got great opportunity to improve aspects of driving that may seem like common sense but are often overlooked. Great cohesive structure. Role-playing and exercises were excellent. Attend the workshop if you want to improve your and be aware of rules while driving. A value for money, thought provoking, exceeded my expectation. Dedicated and committed trainer. Outstanding! Excellent – worth the time and money.”

“Loved the class.. Shrutee is a very nice trainer and have abundance of knowledge and explains everything in detail,,Keep up the good work”