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Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

Besides Theory House, the place to be if you easily want to pass your theory, we also have an English driving school “Driving School DenK” to support you in the whole process of obtaining your Dutch driver’s license. Driving School DenK offers you not only manual, but also automatic driving lessons.

Your way

Everyone wants to obtain the driving license at their own pace. Driving School DenK gives students the oppotunity to drive whenever they want, as much as they want. You can decide to take multiple lessons a week, in this case it is possible to obtain your Dutch driver’s license very fast. Driving School DenK is founded to fulfill everyones needs to give the best driving lessons possible.

Fear of Driving

Driving School DenK offers not only regular driving lessons, we are also specialized in fear of failure and driving, autism and hypnotherapy.

Intake Lesson

We always start with an intake (test) lesson to check your level and give you a recommendation about the amount of driving lessons we think you need to pass your practical exam. After the intake lesson you will receive a detailed report of your level and how to take the next steps.


1. Plan lessons online according to your own agenda,
2. The highest quality of Amsterdam and surroundings,
3. Always the same ADI (Approved Driving Instructor),
4. Your own developed lesson plan,
5. You only take the practical test when we really think your ready,
6. Specialized instructors.

For further information please check our website

Excellent track record of happy students that took the course
Effective interactive theory course
Room for questions
Book the theory exam the next day
High passing rate